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Necessary for Paint Mixture Consistency for Producing the Most Desirable Painting Results

  • Certified by Gardco
  • Certification No. 129035V-02
  • Anodized aluminum bowl & handle
  • Stainless steel rivets attach handle
  • Packaged in bags in individual boxes with user instructions
  • Ten individually boxed cups per case

DIN4 Viscosity Cups Part No. ALDIN4

Viscosity Cup Instructions

  1. Holding the viscosity cup by the handle, submerge the cup into the liquid to be tested until the rim of the cup is below the surface of the liquid.
  2. Lift the cup out of the liquid and when the rim of the cup breaks the surface of the liquid, using a stop watch, begin timing the flow of the liquid until the flow stops.
  3. If the time varies from the Paint Manufacturer's recommendation, follow their instructions to make the necessary adjustments.
  4. Clean the cup thoroughly after every use.
  5. Do not use a hard cleaning device to clean the orifice at the bottom of the cup as the size of this opening is critical to the accuracy of the metering control. Any modification of this orifice will affect the accuracy of this viscosity cup.


PPG and Axalta (DuPont) are two of our primary clients who sell the viscosity cups to their automotive refinish customers.

When determining the viscosity of a paint mixture or other solution is important, use the Broncorp DIN4 anodized aluminum viscosity cup.  The Broncorp DIN4 viscosity cup is a simple to use, economical measuring device that is easy to clean and has been certified by Gardco.  The DIN4 Gardco certificate number is 129035V-02.  This number is laser marked on the handle of each viscosity cup.

The Broncorp DIN4 viscosity cup has an ergonomically designed handle that centers the vertical mass of the cup directly under the handle whether it is full or empty for easy one handed submersion and removal from the container of liquid.  This allows the user to have a free hand for timing the draining period of the liquid.

Complete instructions explaining how to use the viscosity cup are supplied with every cup and can also be seen on this web page.  If there are any questions about this product or its use, please contact:

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Denver, CO USA 80216
phone:    303-296-8362
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